About Kevin

Born in Thomas Edison’s hometown of West Orange, New Jersey, Kevin Domenic’s interest in storytelling emerged in various ways during his youth.  From outdoor games to the imaginary worlds of his action figure collection, Kevin created stories with surprising depth for a child.

“I wasn’t satisfied with just playing war with my G.I. Joes and throwing them across the room in imaginary explosions.  I wanted there to be a reason for the battle.  A realistic reason.”

At age fourteen, Kevin wrote his first book.  After a year of sitting in front of his brother’s computer typing away on a primitive word processor, The Fourth Dimension was complete.  It told the tale of a young man named Arus who was kidnapped and fitted with a cybernetic implant designed to take control of his mind.  The Fourth Dimension II followed soon after, and The Fourth Dimension III completed the series.  It was at that point that Kevin began to consider writing as a career. 

“I wrote two original books after that.  Those projects taught me a lot.  My writing style really began to take shape.  By the time I finished the my fifth novel, I could see a definite improvement in my prose.  So I decided to rewrite The Fourth Dimension.  As much as I loved those books, they were full of grammatical errors, plot holes, and inconsistencies.”

With his sights set on becoming a published author, Kevin got to work completely rewriting The Fourth Dimension from scratch.  What was once a single book was divided into three smaller volumes, each of which is currently available on ebook sites around the web.  Work on Volume IV will begin soon. 

Now living in St. Louis and pursing his writing career, Kevin's goal is not to create books, but worlds.  When he isn't writing or working his full-time job, Kevin enjoys gaming, watching hockey, playing guitar, and of course, spending time with his wonderful wife.   Although his current focus is the Fourth Dimension series, other unrelated projects are in the works as well.