Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fourth Dimension: Shades of Gray Launch

It's here!!  Shades of Gray, the newest entry in The Fourth Dimension series, has finally arrived!

Two years after the events of Eye of the Tornado, Arus Sheeth, half machine and half teenager, is living out his promise to defend the galaxy from those who seek to impose their will on the weak and take advantage of the helpless.  But when a mysterious device is recovered on the distant planet of Vaank and returned to the installation where he is stationed, Arus suddenly finds himself pitted against an enemy with no morals, no honor, and most certainly, no boundaries.

Using children as bombs and women as shields, this enemy fights like none the Aeden Alliance has yet seen.  Burdened by the choice between watching his fellow soldiers die or turning his blade against civilians, Arus is about to learn that there may be no black and white line separating good from evil.

Only Shades of Gray.

The story, to be presented for FREE over at The Fourth Dimension's Official Website will be released in episode format as I write it.  This is going to be just as exciting an adventure for me as it will be for you, because I'm writing it as I go along!  Have any suggestions for where you'd like the story to go?  Character interactions?  Big fight scenes?  Mysterious plot twists?  Shout 'em out in the comments section below each episode, and maybe I'll find a way to work your ideas into the story!

Best of all, this is all being offered to readers for absolutely free, so head on over to and bookmark, favorite, follow, Like, Tweet, Stumble, +1, or share it in whatever other ways you'd like!  Get the message out, spread the word, and let your fellow readers know!

Arus has returned.

The adventure has begun.

God bless,

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