Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Amazon Review: Key to the Stars


Posted by: bandcandy

In "Key to the Stars" Kevin Domenic introduces a many stranded saga, cleverly weaving the story together as we follow such diverse characters as the young warriors, Arus and Vultrel, the driven but morally ambiguous Kindel and the ingenious but amoral Mage, Sartan Truce. The action is centred on Terranias, a futuristic Earth, but there is a wider Galactic story concerning the balance of power against honour and the dilemma of what extremes can be justified in the name of peace. The narrative is supremely well structured and carefully balanced so that raw action always raises questions of conscience. Throughout all this our attention is centred on Arus and the appalling trials that face this brave and honourable young warrior as he finds his free will stolen from him. Despite the complexity of the story, the beautiful writing and good characterisation carry the reader along smoothly. My only complaint is that, just when I was enthralled and wanting to know the conclusion, the book ended abruptly. I guess I'll just have to get Volume Two.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


For the record, I danced around my apartment for a bit when I got that review. Thank you so much bandcandy!!

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